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You may be asking yourself... "Why does this girl need my donation?"

The reason I am asking for donations is to help me pay for school. Like many people I am completely broke.

Here's my story:

I rented an apartment in March 2008 with my ex-boyfriend who moved out in the middle of the lease but still paid rent. I enrolled at Pueblo Community College and financial aid helped me pay for classes. At the end of my lease in August 2008 I was jobless and unable to pay for another place. I dropped out of school within the 1st week so I could get a full time job. I was homeless for 3 months. PCC sent me a collection bill for $2,000 because I did not sign a paper within the withdrawal date. I find this completely unfair and absurd. My now husband took me in and took care of me. I cannot go back to school at PCC until I pay off the $2,000 that I owe Financial Aid.

I also plan to use the money for other schooling.

Here are my goals below-

  • Pueblo Community College:
  1. (Pay $2,000)
  2. Cosmetology Program (May do at different school) [$2,000+]
  • New Element Tattoo/ Piercing:
  1. Piercing Apprenticeship [$2,000]

Thank you so much for taking time to read through this and donate to a good cause!

I am very thankful for such wonderful & helpful people in the world!


Thanks Again!







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